xetto® Transport Trolley



We understand that sometimes implementing fully autonomous solutions might be difficult due to various reasons. But that does not mean customers cannot enjoy the benefits of technology at all. TAG Industrial offers Power-Assisted mover solutions for customers who have challenges with space, unconventional payload or simply, budget.


Proudly designed and built in Australia, the Electrodrive’s range of powered mobility equipment will help customers get more done with less, by reducing the risk of workplace injuries, while increasing productivity. Be it moving heavy equipment, awkward loads, linen, food, or waste, we are confident of identifying the best equipment for your purpose, to suit your particular workplace.


For more than 20 years, Zallys has been designing ergonomical solutions to increase productivity and prevent the risks and the costs of the manual handling of loads. Today, it is a leading company in providing logistic solutions that can satisfy every need related to the moving of wheeled loads, people and materials in various industries. Every Zallys equipment is made in Italy.

eSense by INDES

Featuring one-of-a-kind sensor-driven user control, the eSense is the ideal solution to move heavy mobile products. The intelligent system includes an electric drive wheel and force sensitive sensors, offering intuitive electric drive support to users. It can be retrofitted in most mobile products e.g. trolleys, carts etc, making it a versatile solution across different industries.

The xetto® Transport Trolley is an all-in-one equipment, developed for every application area to move, lift, load and unload heavy and sensitive goods. Thanks to the integrated and automatic lifting mechanism, xetto® allows logistics processes to be carried out independently by only one person. The integrated brake system secures the goods on the spot. Even unhandy objects can be transported, loaded and unloaded without difficulty thanks to castor wheels. With the many functions that xetto® combines, you can load or unload weights in only 15-20 seconds, saving space, time while ensuring workplace safety.