Enduro Hand Sanitiser



On behalf of our sister company ECOTAG, TAG Industrial promotes eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products for both environment and personal use.

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Enzyme Wizard

Using Enzymes as key ingredients, the Enzyme Wizard range of products are safer alternative to the harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals used in commercial cleaning and sanitation products. Utilising the latest science to clean, disinfect and eliminate odour, you have a heavy duty cleaner, a disinfectant with a 6 log reduction (99.9999%) on pathogens and bacteria within 30 seconds – 10 minutes and a product that can eliminate odour instantly.

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Enduro Hand Sanitiser

Need long lasting protection against bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses without the worry of sensitivity to the skin? Try Enduro Hand Sanitiser.

Fast acting and quick drying, the alcohol-free Enduro Hand Sanitiser is tested against international standards and proven to kill bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses. Proven provide >99% kill rates against bacteria for up to 4 hours after application, the product is shown to be effective against bacteria in 30seconds. Using a water-based technology, it is kind to the skin and dermatologically tested to be safe for use repeatedly all day, everyday. Non-flammable and fragrance-free, it dries up quickly with no sticky residue. Comes in a handy package, it is perfect for anytime, anywhere.

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