GOGO by Yunji


Fully Autonomous

Does your work processes include repetitive or menial tasks along the same work routes? Or perhaps you are facing difficulties to find new labour for your work processes? Why not consider implementing one of TAG Industrial’s autonomous solution to work alongside your staff? While the robots complement human work, the company benefits from optimised manpower and improved productivity.

Effibot by Effidence

Developed and manufactured in France, the Effibot is a robotics logistics assistant built with multiple functions to support staff with weight intensive tasks. It is also a useful companion for repetitive work processes.

Depending on the purpose, users can choose to use the FOLLOW-ME mode, PRECEDE-ME mode or AUTONOMOUS mode.

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MAG – Material Mover

Developed by Singapore-based robotics startup Botsync, the MAG can enable companies to simplify automation of their material movement processes with an intelligent fleet of autonomous mobile robots that can transport payloads between 500 and 1,000 kg.

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GOGO by Yunji

An intelligent multifunctional delivery robot, GOGO seeks to elevate the delivery experience through its easy-to-use, secured access and the two-cabin feature improves delivery efficiency as two locations can be served in the same trip. More importantly, GOGO is built with to cater to challenging environments such as narrow walkways, steep slopes and tight maneuver.

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